Sunday, April 22, 2007

We've been Tagged!

We've been tagged by Blogging Away Debt to tell the world five of our obsessions. I'll let Basil tell you his (which are exciting and have to do with mimes), but mine are pretty mundane:
1. E-mail. I don't check it so often on the weekends, but at work every spare minute I seem to be looking to see if I have anything new. And unfortunately if I do, it usually has to do with winning the lottery in Ireland (and I've never been to Ireland).
2. Our blog stats. Ever since Basil showed me how to do this, I'm constantly checking them.
3. Researching every purchase, no matter how small, on the internet. Basil makes fun of me, but every time we have to buy something like a printer, or a camera, I get on-line and research, research, research. But it works. I have a digital camera I bought 5 years ago that everyone says takes the best photos, and I know it has nothing to do with the photographer.
4. Art supply stores. It doesn't matter if I need anything or not, I just have to go in and look.
5. McDonald's M&M McFlurries. Whenever I'm stressed, or celebrating, or just hungry for ice cream, I make Basil go for an M&M McFlurry with me. He used to say he'd just have a bite of mine, and quickly discovered I wouldn't share. Now he gets his own or we get a large to split.

Basil here, with my five obsessions. Please feel free to hum "Obsession" by Animotion as you read this. ("You're my obsession, who do you want me to be to make you sleep with me...")

1. Debt destruction. This, above all else, rules my life at the moment. I may not be the best at it, but it is the number one issue in my life at the moment.

2. Internet pornography. Um, ahem, uh, I mean my second job selling artwork on Selling my handmade wares has allowed me to pay off a big chunk of debt this year.

3. The residents of Meerkat Manor. I never thought I would get caught up in a soap opera about meerkats, but then again I never thought I'd be $33,000 in debt either. Life's kinda crazy that way. Meerkat crazy.

4. My failed, ongoing attempt to lose 20 pounds. While I've certainly made some headway in the debt department, this part of my life (inexorably tied to my being in debt) seems as if it is a lost cause. I'm obsessed with doing it, though. Maybe stomach stapling? Yeah, that's the ticket. Maybe I'll sign up with one of those "helpful" debt counseling services to get rid of my debt while I'm at it.

5. As puke-inducing as this may sound, Bianca. At an art opening last night she looked more beautiful and radiant than any human being I've ever seen in all my years. I don't deserve her, and tell her that constantly, but she sees something in me I cannot. She's superkeen and completely and utterly deserving of obsession.

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