Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Debt Haiku

My mountain is high
I'm buried with things gone now
I strive to breathe free.

Please submit your own! I'm talking of course to the two people who read this site and the occasional drift in from Bizarro World Fetish Porn Net. Fetish haikus are fine, too.


Lisa said...

Basil, my good man, here's mine:

My debt is like a
Monster hid under my bed
Keeps me up at night

eb said...

Just want
To let you know
Your blog makes me laugh

I come here with anticipation to see your scathingly truthful descriptions. Not only do I leave feeling comforted in my debt hell, but laughing my rear off too.

Katy said...

student loan comp'ny--
stop raising my interest rate
you make me vomit.

Basil Bizarro said...

You guys rock. I'm coming up with more...You're inspiring me. You've heard of beat poets? I'm going to be a debt poet. Finger snaps...

db said...

Debt monster
Sword through your black heart
Vanquished foe