Sunday, April 8, 2007

March Came In Like A Lion, Mated With Us - Then Mauled Us

The ever-lovely Bianca was looking over our March income and expenses with wider-than-usual eyes this afternoon. March was truly a Bizarro World month - lots and lots going on - victories, victory celebrations, casualties, overspending, income surprises, heartbreak and Bianca getting out of debt - easily the biggest victory in quite a while. March was all over the damn place.

She also pointed out that my crafty side business made $850 in March. This from selling things that go for $4 or $5. I was shocked, to say the least. Almost every dime went toward the debt mountain.

Today I worked on another creative project that will hopefully net me another $500 this month. This is all on top of my normal income from my 9 to 5. At the beginning of the year I had two choices: I could continue paying what I was toward my debt, which was the minimums plus everything else I could afford, or, I could work really hard and come up with extra money and put that on top of what I was paying. By taking the second tack, I can feel the fractions of months it will take to pay off this debt peel away with each extra hundred dollars I put in the mail. The choice was simple - I'm trading the free time I have in the evenings now for a shorter amount of time I'm going to be in debt. Would I like to relax? Yes. Would I like to not come home from work and go straight to work again? Yes. Would I like to open a bottle of vodka and suckle its sweet nectar straight from the cork hole until I wake up at three thirty in the morning, sprawled on the kitchen floor with damp pants? Sadly, more than I'd like to admit.

I'm going to beat this debt. I'm going to beat it until I have wide, crazed eyes and my chest is heaving and I have debt-brains splattered on my face.

I'm putting out a hit on my debt.

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Dianne said...

Is there a website where your art can be viewed?