Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Found Four Dollars Today And I Felt Like Crying

I found four dollars today. Words fail me in being able to express the sheer, naked joy those four filthy bills gave to me this morning. I felt like I had the world on a string, like the sun was shining just to light my face.

Then I bought a breakfast burrito off the catering truck that comes by at 9:30. If you've ever had the hulking 1/2 bound breakfast burrito off this particular catering truck, you'd have given me a knowing nod and said, "Basil, you did the right thing."

I even got a quarter back.

That was four dollars that could have gone at the debt mountain, and I diverted it into a burrito. Luckily, the guilt didn't hit until after the last bite. The indigestion hit a half hour after the guilt.


Hazzard said...

That's funny. Congratulations on treating yourself to a burrito. With all the debt you have paid down, I think you deserve a little indigestion.... errr I mean a wonderful wheat wrapped piece of mouth ecstacy. LOL

Allison said...

You're like Charlie Bucket.

Medicated Money said...

LOL...although I never had the burrito from that food-truck, I am confident in saying, "Basil, you did the right thing!"

As a former addict to the Sausage, Egg, and Cheese on the hoagie roll from the truck that stop just outside our universtiy in West Philly, I can truly say nothing is better than a greasy, artery-filling treat from the food truck!

Oh, and nothing is worse than that indigestion!