Monday, April 9, 2007

The Bizarros Win A Bloscar™ And Forget To Thank Their Debt

Since I've been consumed with massive creative-outside-of-work projects for the last two months, I haven't had time to catch up on my blog reading until today. And lo and behold, The Family CEO awarded us a Bloscar™ for Most Entertaining Bloggers!

Excuse me while I take out a folded sheet of paper. Man, these Bloscars™ are heavier than you think! Ahem. I'd like to thank The Family CEO for this honor, it was an honor just to be nominated. I want to thank, for hosting us. My agent...wait. I don't have a...OH! And Bianca!

(Bianca tries to step to the mike, is thwarted by Basil's flailing arms)

I almost forgot Bianca. She's my heart. My soul. My new target for debt-free jealousy. I couldn't have done this without her. Her witty and informative posts that balance out my rambling, ill-written jackassery made this project what it is today. I love this woman.

(As the music swells, Basil lifts the Bloscar™ in the air with one hand. Bianca forces a smile)

I'm the king of the world! You like me! You really like me!

You can read about it here!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I love your blog.

The Family CEO said...

Congrats! Your blog is the best! It adds some much needed humor and creativity to the personal finance blogosphere.