Friday, April 20, 2007

Debt War Lull And The One Month Challenge

My craft-tastic job continues to bring in cash, but recently I've had to divert funds from the front line of the war on debt to use to cover a financial low point due to a couple of very slow weeks at work. I guess it gives me time to wash the blood off before I jump back into the fray with my debt-killing nunchucks a-twirlin'. I'm the Chuck Norris of debt destruction.

Bianca and I are going to detail one month's worth of spending to try and see where our money is going. We found out about the One Month Challenge at The Simple Dollar (read about it here). We get a fairly clear idea using Quicken, but there are leaks in the boat and we need to find out where exactly those leaks are (something tells me those leaks are Basil-shaped). So, for the next month we're going to post our spending every day. There will be regular posts in there too, but we're doing this to make sure we do it for one month. When we use a notebook we get as far as a week and then it's out the window.

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