Monday, April 30, 2007

One Month Challenge - Day 10

Today was dangerous because it was a Sunday and Basil and I tend to want to get out of the apartment, which usually means spending money. I returned a shirt I bought last month because I decided it didn't really fit right, so I got to credit $16.23 to the store credit card. We did eat out (did I mention that it's our favorite pastime?), but used a coupon for Subway from the Sunday paper and got both our meals for $7.99 plus tax. Also used two 30% off coupons at the art supply store (one of our obsessions), but only purchased three brushes and a tube of paint.
Eating out - $8.65
Art Supplies - $14.01
Groceries - $9.36
Shipping for Crafty Side Business - $2.43

Total: $34.45

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