Sunday, April 22, 2007

One Month Challenge - Day 3

Today we took #1 Son back to college, and took him out for lunch. We also bought supplies for our side business and some things from Target. Let's take a peek at what the Bizarros blew precious dollars on today:

Chipotle: $23.54
Target (bathroom supplies for #1 Son and ourselves, and a water purifier for our faucet, which will not work with our rolling dishwasher, so will need to be returned): $54.63 ($0.75 coupon used)
Art stores: $40.33 (two 40% off coupons used)
Fuel: $42.65 (!)
Netflix: $19.47

Total: $125.99

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Fellowes said...

I feel your pain on the gas, that is for sure. I'm just starting to embark on my journey to repay my credit card debt mountain, but I'm quickly discovering that without a budget I will not be successful. I'm going to use Quicken long-term but for the next month I am going to closely track my expenses like you suggest/are doing so I can come up with a workable budget that leaves me with a clear picture of how much money I can dedicate toward my debt. I need to know how much I can offer creditors per month when I start my negotiations.