Monday, April 16, 2007

Host Of National Financial Radio Show Narrates As I Buy Stamps

I went to the post office today to mail some out orders from my second job, the profits from which I dedicate to paying off debt with. Now, I despise going to the post office usually, and most times make it a point to use their fancy automated machine at around midnight, when no one is around. But today was my day off so I decided to stop in and mail off my orders.

I'm at the machine about to start "doing my thing," when I notice three young children gather around me. A man approaches and asks if they could watch me go through the touch screen process. "Sure," I said.

So the father narrates as I go through the steps, and the children are transfixed. And slowly I began to realize - I know that voice. I turned around and asked, "Are you Kai Ryssdal?" He smiled and said yes.

Crazy. Since I've decided to up my financial I.Q. last year, I've listened to "Marketplace" on NPR every day. Just bizarre.

But what else can you Bizarro World?

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Allison said...

For some reason, I love Marketplace. It makes no sense since I don't understand fully half of what I'm listening to at any given moment. Yet, when I hear the pan flute signaling its arrival I get really happy.