Monday, May 28, 2007

What I Did With My Windfall

Busy weekend, but I really am going to get the April expenses/income posted before June. I still have three days and four hours, or 78 hours. I'm posting to report the good deeds I did today. I had received over $3000 back from Number One Son's college, as overpayment, so before it dwindled away in my checking account, I did something with it. I put $1000 into the Roth IRA that I finally set up last year (it had been on my "to do" list for a looooonnnnnngggg time. Then I transferred $1500 over to my high interest savings account. That only leaves me $500 to spend on things like the $270 eye exam and glasses I just got for Number One Son, as well as the dental work I have coming up in June. Oh, yeah....I was supposed to save some for a much needed weekend with Basil....I guess it's a walk through the park and a popsicle.

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