Friday, May 4, 2007

One Month Challenge - Day 15

The legendary debt warrior Debt Blitzkrieg has joined us in monitoring daily spending. We hope she finds it as useful as we have.

Misc (sun shade for my feminine "ride", compact flourescent bulb - green points!, etc.): $15.00
Groceries: $63.95 ($3.00 in coupons, free 2 liter of soda)
Sigh........dining (Basil): $7.98
Diet Coke (Basil again): $0.75
Parking for free movie: $2.00 (used free passes to see "Hot Fuzz" while every other resident in the city was trying to get into "Spider-man 3")
Car and rental insurance: $103.56
Extra credit card payment: $10.00

Total: $203.24

I'm off the rails. Need to reign this s--- in. The first couple months were great, now I've fallen off the wagon and and in the gutter, mumbling to myself and not noticing I've wet my britches. Not good. But we're seeing how much eating out is costing us - we're trying to act how we'd normally act, and unfortunately this is how I used to act - offsetting the stress of debt with yummy sandwiches slathered in honey mustard. Perhaps some Cheetos.

The new debt numbers are in! The debt now stands at $15,504.19. Down from $18,264.53 in January. $2,760.34 paid off so far this year. Need to do better. The goal is to get under ten large by year's end, even if it means just getting to $9,999.99.

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db said...

....the legendary Debt Blitzkrieger rides in on her shield, in true Valkyrie style, to say...

Basil, don't sweat it too much. What I've found in the approx. 2 1/2 years doing this whole debt repayment thing is that it ebbs and flows. Some months it seems like you are an effortless debt-paying machine, and at other times you'd swear your wallet has sprung lips only so that it can whine "Spend, Spend".

The only cure I've found so far is to somehow simultaneously relax AND get strict with yourself. How's that for an impossible paradox?

I think the hard times come because we can only deprive ourselves for so long before needing a little relief. So the trick is finding a pressure valve which allows you to give yourself a little luxury without falling off the repayment bandwagon.

So for example instead of working on building my business this weekend, I spent nearly the entire weekend watching videos I already had in the house. Released the pressure a little. Kept me in and away from stores.