Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Get Happy, Damn You!

One of the themes that Bianca and I try to live by, the "Bizarro World Code," if you will, is this:

If your life sucks, try doing the opposite. Bizarro was the opposite of Superman - Superman blew ice cold breath, while Bizarro blew fire. Superman was handsome, Bizarro ugly as sin.

Waaaaaay before "The Secret," Bianca and I stumbled upon this. We were negative thinkers. "Boo hoo," we were often known to exclaim. "How awful our life is! Rue this putrid world!" Then we said, what would happen if we started thinking positively? And the second we started thinking positively, our life began moving in a positive direction. "What is this?" we'd say, startled and blinking. "What is this madness? This strange sensation? It burns! It burrrrrrnnnnns!"

Needless to say, this new feeling took some getting used to. We'd often want to dive back into our negative black holes, looking for the protection of old behaviors and patterns. We'd howl and hiss at the light like pissed-off marmots. But soon the good feeling was just too good to resist. Not long after we had moved out of the middle of nowhere to a better place and a better life.

The secret has been there all along. And it was hidden in the theme song to "The Partridge Family." "C'mon, get happy! It will change your f----ing life." That lyric was in the full 12" single, not in the short theme that played before the show.

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KMK said...

You guys are hilarious! And right! I'm going to channel Bizarro in my job interview today.