Wednesday, May 2, 2007

One Month Challenge - Day 13

Working and the Crafty Side Business are taking their toll on yours truly. Fell asleep on the couch as soon as I got home tonight. I'm getting burned out. Here's the numbers for today:

Crafty Side Business supplies: $21.10
Dining (Bianca): $2.65
Fuel: $37.82 (Grrrrrrrrr...$3.57 a gallon for regular unleaded. When I'm gassing up I actually make a growling sound in my head. If I was in a cartoon a dark squiggly line would be in the air above my furrowed forehead)

While our dining out seems to be something we're not quite ready to give up completely, at least we eat cheap. This couple trying to dispense debt dropped $300 on dinner the other night. Makes $2.65 sound downright frugal.

We haven't paid to go to the movies since December. There was some talk about paying to go see Spider-Man 3 this weekend (matinee, natch), but the advance word from people I trust that have seen it is "stinky." We'll pass. The movie will make a billion dollars, we just won't be throwing ours on the pile. Instead we're hitting some free museums this weekend, taking advantage of Bank of America's program, which Bianca detailed here.

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