Sunday, May 20, 2007

We've Fallen Off the Wagon....

Sorry, it's been so long since our last post. The monthly challenge kind of fell apart because there're two of us spending money, so we had problems getting it together at the end of the day. Also, as we spent more money, I think we were afraid to see how much was actually slipping through our fingers. I just put a bunch of receipts into Quicken and see we've already spent our allotment for groceries for the month and the dining is over $2oo as well. Sigh. We picked up Number One Son from college and so ate out fast food Thursday night, and Friday night we spent $74 for Mother's Day dinner for four of us. Today we did a little sightseeing (and eating) and spent $50 on lunch and Pinkberry's for four. But tonight we're going to a FREE improv show (we may have to pay for parking), and since we got tired around 3, we came home inbetween, so we most likely not be eating out dinner. At least now that I've seen the Quicken, I know that we shouldn't, but on the other hand, Number One Son is only here for two weeks, so I want to do fun (and tasty) things that cost money. At least I changed my payroll tax deductions at work and now my check is $17 higher a week (but I won't have the huge tax refund in the spring either).

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db said...

Bizarros --

Falling off the wagon happens! Since son is here, just get through his visit with minimal damage, and you can get back to the debt warriorship in a week or two.