Tuesday, May 8, 2007

One Month Challenge - Day 18

Number 1 Happiness Super Fun extra credit card payment from Crafty Side Business: $16.50
Groceries: $8.50
Postage for Crafty Side Business shipping: $6.15
Books (copy of "Fight Club, copy of "Rant," both to be signed by Chuck Palahniuk at reading): $42.11 (This is one of our indulgences; Bianca and I are avid readers, and if there is a chance to see one of our favorite authors give a reading, the money spent on a book to be signed is money well spent. Most times we already have a book in our collection to be signed. We're nerds, yes. Sweet, beautiful bibliophiliac nerds.)
Dining: $15.43

Total: $88.69.

This day was a Day Well Lived. In our book, any money under $100 spent during a DWL is free and clear. It most likely fueled the DWL, kept it rolling, assisted in its own way. We'll let it go. If it was over $100, suddenly it becomes less a DWL and more a "Jesus, we just blew x amount of dollars."

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