Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Miracle - Bizarros Only Ate Out Once Over Weekend!

I'm proud to announce that the Bizarros only ate out once this past weekend (for us that's Friday night through Monday night as we both have Mondays off). It was difficult and involved in a lot of actually cooking on my part, but we did it. Basil and I ate cheap and fatty at In-n-Out Sunday while we were out goofing around for Mother's Day (the son had too much homework). We're trying to be good since we know that we're going to have to eat out Thursday night (have to pick up Number One Son from college) and Friday night we're going out to celebrate a combination Mother's Day, End of Freshman Year at College, and End of Advanced Placement Testing. I know I'll be spending some these next two weeks because my oldest will be here and I haven't seen him hardly at all in the past year (Christmas and Spring Break were both spent elsewhere). Plus we have Basil's family visiting in June. Lots of entertaining coming up, so we'd better cut out the unnecessary eating out. Easy to say...tough to do.