Monday, May 21, 2007

Money Back from College!

Last night didn't turn out exactly as we'd planned. We waited in a line for the free improv show and the cut-off ended up right in front of us. So we decided to go get something to eat and ended up at one of Basil's favorite "Rock 'n Roll" Thai restaurants which ended up costing $50, though we did have mucho leftovers. Not exactly a cheap or free night.

Good news today though -- got an e-mail from Number One Son's college with $$$$$ as the subject line. The college account finally paid, so I should be getting at least $2000 back that I overpaid last fall (she said the check would be mailed tomorrow). I'm trying not to think about all the interest I could have gotten on that, and just be happy that I got it back at all. A good chunk of that will go into my Roth IRA and the emergency savings account, but we did do a bit of spending today (on the credit card to be paid in full when the bill comes). We purchased a grill that was on sale for $89 (originally priced at $129), because Basil loves to cook on the grill and we thought we'd eat at home more if we had that option. In fact, Basil cooked out on it tonight. Then I took Number One Son clothes shopping since his shoes had a hole in the bottom and sides and I hadn't bought him anything since last fall. I spent around $123 and he got a pair of jeans, two shirts, a pair of shorts, running shoes and three pairs of underwear. I thought we did pretty well since everything was on sale. Those purchases also went on the credit card to be paid in full when it arrives. I feel good knowing that the money is coming, but will feel better when it's actually in my bank account.

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