Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Our Son Is Being Propositioned More Than A Hooker With All Of Her Teeth

We receive Number One Son's mail as we are his permanent address while he is away at college. Every...single...freaking day our box contains at least one credit card offer for him.

A lot of PF bloggers were linking to some "savvy dude" who recently wrote a long, negative bit of nonsense about how people were blaming their credit cards for their debt. "You're the one who got yourself into debt," he sniffs. Yeah? No shit? Thanks, genius. I don't think I've met anyone who actually blames their credit card for getting them into debt. Did mine speak to me in a scary little fly voice? "Use me. Uuuuusssseeee meeee...." I certainly don't place that much power into a piece of plastic.

And as for these "credit card fans" out there, getting all excited about being able to rent a car (which can be done with a debit card), all those amazing points and cash back ($7 back on spending $700? You've got the world by a string!), how they're really sticking it to Visa, beating them at their own game. I don't know.

This is a multi-billion dollar industry that is making the majority of money on people not being able to pay off their balances. These are bad companies that have gotten very rich on preying on a nation's financial retardation. What a great deal - they get obscenely rich, AND get us to feel bad about ourselves. "Just providing a service." Uh huh.

I'm so happy all these people are taking control of their situations and many are blogging about it. Maybe someday we can find a way to band together and do something about the massive engines that gave us the wonderful tools to f--- ourselves so completely and thoroughly. Or are we going to wait until the APR bump for a late payment hits 60%? WE screwed up, WE are taking personal responsibility, but there has to be responsibility taken by the other side or this will be a ongoing cycle that will never end, at least until the next Depression. This has got to stop.

We're shredding Number One Son's credit card offers ($300 limit at 19.82%?). He certainly knows the deal on credit cards. We've broken one link on the chain.

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