Thursday, May 24, 2007

Camping or Vegas?

It's a dilemma....Basil and I have a child-free weekend the end of June and as it's my birthday the middle of the month (when Basil's family is visiting), we decided we should do something for the weekend so that I can be the center of attention. Every other time we've been without kids, one or both of us has been sick. Basil never gets sick and never goes to the doctor, but this past Christmas he was sick in bed for over a week with what I suspect was pneumonia (never doctor-confirmed, of course). Last year Number Two Son went away for spring break, and Basil missed a whole week of work with the flu. This time we're determined to be healthy and have a good grown-up time. And what better place to be a grown-up than Vegas?! Unfortunately, after checking work schedules and hotel rates, we're not sure we can even get away. Plus we made a pro and con list and decided that for the money, we'd get more out of a camping trip to Santa Catalina Island. We both love to camp (okay, Basil more than me, but I still enjoy getting away from the crowds and hiking). Plus the campsite is $24 a night on a beach, and the boat ride out to the island is $59 each, so we're hoping it's a lot cheaper than a $100 hotel room and gas money to Vegas, not to mention restaurants and gambling. Some of our best vacations have been camping at Rocky Mountain National Park and Joshua Tree National Park. I think the fresh air, sun and sand will be more invigorating than the hot desert, crowds and mucho cigarette smoke. Now I just have to get in shape to make the seven mile hike from the boat to the campground.

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