Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm eating out again!!!!

It's been a not so good week for refraining from eating out. Picked up son from airport at 7:30 p.m. - ate at In-n-Out Burger; took two sons shopping - ate lunch at TGI Friday's; bonded with sons by playing Guitar Hero all afternoon until dinner time - picked up chinese food; drove son back to college - lunch at Chipotle's. Now none of these were expensive meals, but I'm really afraid to see what they all add up to. Plus my parents are on a five-hour layover in our city this Tuesday, so we're going to have dinner with them, too. Without Tuesday's meal I think it came out to around $90-$95. I made much more than that in overtime this past week, but I still feel guilty spending it when I know that eating at home is cheaper. I know I can't eat all meals at home, but we'd been doing so well that this feels like a set-back. All I can do is to try harder next month.

We also had some college-related expenses like printer ink cartridge, notebooks and toilet paper. Luckily most everything else is covered, so we won't have too much more of that this semester.

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