Sunday, January 7, 2007

Hey! I actually have a jawline!

An unexpected side effect of not eating out is that I've lost 5 pounds since New Year's Day. Without working out at all.

Do I miss eating out? To the extent that I've gotten splitting headaches and a strange, unpleasant gnawing sensation akin to withdrawl symptoms. You see, eating out for the two of us was extremely pleasureable. We weren't hitting the five stars, mind you, but the sheer joy of knowing that we were off to the shiny red and white interior of In-N-Out Burger made me as giddy as a full-bladdered cocker spaniel hearing the rattle of his leash coming off the hook by the door. I have an In-N-Out bumper sticker on my car, for Pete's sake. I willingly advertise for that beautiful place, with their sumptouous double doubles, spilling over with animal-style sauce, the aroma of fresh peeled - STOP IT!

Like I said. I lost five pounds. Bianca and I are off for a day that will include seeing "Children of Men" and going to IKEA to pick up some things. All using gift cards received on Christmas.

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