Saturday, January 13, 2007

$4.27 to Celebrate a Life-long Dream!

I've been feeling guilty this week. I'm usually the frugal one, but since we started this new year, Basil has been doing much better than I have. I only have a car payment, but I do have a freshman in college and a junior in high school who will soon have college expenses. I have no problems spending on them, but feel guilty spending anything on myself. This week I splurged (only two weeks into the new year) and ate out with my co-workers (again!), but only spent $6.33. Now my car payment is under $200 (though I always pay more), I have no credit card debt, and I made $40,000 last year, you'd think I wouldn't feel guilty about spending $6.33 on lunch (a salad and water), but I do! I also had a big victory in my art, in that I'm participating in a group show at a gallery and doing a joint project with another artist. I majored in art in college, have been painting on and off ever since, and my dream is to be able to sell my art. This is a big step in fulfilling my life-long dream. I went straight from work to the gallery to talk to the curator and had a headache from not eating anything when I got done. So to celebrate I took Basil to In-n-Out and I used a $5 gift card from Christmas and spent $4.27 extra to feed us both. Did I feel terribly guilty? Of course. I know I shouldn't feel guilty about spending so little to celebrate a life-long dream, but I do. We used to celebrate every little thing by going out to eat, and I don't want to get into that mindset again. I guess it will have to be an ongoing struggle.

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