Thursday, February 1, 2007

Help! I'm falling apart!

I have an appointment to get my broken tooth fixed tomorrow. They said since I'd never been there before, they won't have time to run my insurance, and they weren't sure how much was covered. I said it didn't matter because I needed the tooth fixed anyway. My co-worker thought it would be $500-$600 and the insurance would pay 80 percent. That would still be $120 out-of-pocket for me. Plus my contacts should be in soon and it will be $205 for the contacts and the "fitting". I've worn contacts for over 25 years and I don't think I need to be taught how to put them in and clean them. Anyway, insurance pays up to $120, so $75 out-of-pocket for the contacts. This is getting to be a pretty expensive month for medical expenditures. A total of around $200 to see and eat again. Sounds pretty cheap put that way. And at least I have insurance now. I haven't had dental insurance for the past five years or so, and that's probably the last time I went to the dentist (I'm ashamed to say since my parents were always really good about taking me and my three sisters every six months and they didn't have insurance either).
I'll try to do the end of the month income and expense sheet for January this weekend and post it by Monday.

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