Friday, January 26, 2007

More Unexpected Expenses

I'm going to get my eyes checked on Monday so will probably have to at least pay the deductible or co-payment or whatever. In the meantime, I noticed a sharp edge on one of my teeth and after a close look in the mirror found out that I chipped off part of my tooth and only the filling is showing on the inside. I have awful teeth and even brushing and visiting the dentist regularly since I was five hasn't prevented me from having three root canals and a cavity in practically every tooth in my head. Now I have to find a dentist and make an appointment for that. Luckily I've been working a ton of overtime, so at least I have the extra cash to cover whatever my insurance doesn't.
Also, my son didn't get all his college books used, so his total was $593 instead of $502. Resale value at the bookstore at the end of the semester -- proabably about $75.

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Anonymous said...

Bianca - I have learned that one way to cut down on college expenses is to buy and sell textbooks on the internet. My second child will graduate in May and almost all of his books were purchased using a search engine called When the semester is over he lists them on He makes more money on the book then if he sold it back to the bookstore. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars have been saved on books by doing this. Sometimes he was able to turn around and sell them for more. His initial lay out for books ended up lasting all four years! My third child starts in September and I have to say, buying them on the internet is the only way we/he could afford his books!