Monday, January 15, 2007

Refunds! Refunds! Refunds!

The kitchen sink has been clogged for over a week and after trying boiling water and baking soda (usually works) and even snaking it, finally broke down and bought Drano Max Gel. Didn't work at all, even thought the bottle says "guaranteed". So since it's Bizarro World this year, instead of just forgetting about it, I e-mailed Drano and said that I wanted my money back since it said "guaranteed". Just received an e-mail saying that they'd send me a check for $4.50 since it didn't work. I didn't even have to send a receipt or anything. Of course, the bottle cost me $6.48 with tax because it was from a grocery store, but at least I got some money back. Yay Bizarro World!

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