Sunday, January 7, 2007

A December to Remember

I finally got our expenses posted for December, but not without a lot of hair pulling and cursing. I guess the html coding classes I took at the community college finally paid off. As you can see, we go a little crazy around the holidays and every celebration was an excuse to eat out. We're correcting that this month and as much as we wanted to grab a bite to eat after an early matinee (only $6 and using Christmas gift cards), we went home and had sandwiches. Also a big purchase was a new computer for me as mine was randomly shutting down and it was getting very frustrating to even sit and get anything done at it. Ask Basil about the heavy sighs. I put it on a credit card and paid the amount in full when then bill came due from money from my savings. Anyway, check out where the Bizarros spent their money in the month of December.

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