Sunday, January 7, 2007

Going to the pictures

The thing about Bianca and I is, we love going to the pictures, or the "movies" as the kids are calling them these days. In 2006 we went to the theatres 17 times (24 including free screenings - see below). Since we live in a large urban area where ticket prices average about $10, going to the picture show cost us about $340 last year. One thing we were very good about was not buying concessions, clearly one of the biggest rip-offs we consumahogs indulge in. I like to go to someplace like Wal-Mart, buy boxes of Milk Duds for $0.99 (Concession price: $2.75) and stuff them in my pockets and in Bianca's purse. The pant ones get warm and soft by the end of previews.

Today we went to see "Children of Men," an amazing film. We used a gift card and it cost us nothing. Our goal this year is to not see movies in the theatre. If we're given an AMC gift card for a birthday or whatnot, yes, we'll be going. Will we sneak into another film to double our value? More than likely.

One benefit of living in an urban area is free screenings. Hollywood loves to hear from Joe Public in regards to their movie they're about to throw $20 million in advertising behind. We scan the weeklies for ads offering free screenings and also joined The Screening Exchange which emails us about upcoming free screenings. Last year I saw "Little Children," "Martian Child (coming in 2007 with John Cusack)," "The Break Up," "Jesus Camp," "Sweet Land," "Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny," and "Borat." All free. Most of them months ahead of release.

So no new films unless we can see them free. We'll be retaining our Netflix since we don't have cable and watch little to no television.

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