Friday, January 5, 2007

Freegans - Not members of a Morgan Freeman fan club

The lovely and financially deft Bianca sent me a link to this article. It's about a group of friends that pledged to go one year without buying anything new. The most interesting thing to me was finding out about the existence of "freegans" : "Several cities in the United States and Europe have communities of "freegans," people whose contempt for consumerism is so complete they eat food foraged from Dumpsters whenever possible, train hop and sleep in abandoned buildings on principle." I used to call these people "the homeless" or "hobos." Talk about hardcore. Freegans are like anti-consumerist monks who gladly wolf down a soggy half-eaten Big Mac, then lift their faces to the rain, and with the defiant shake of a fist they cry, "Damn you, consumerism! I will not bend before your dominant steamroller will! Snfff. Hey, do I smell McRib sauce?" Bianca wishes I'd remained ignorant of their noble cause, because now I say, "That's 'freegan' awesome" all the time.

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