Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The grind, the grind - pays off!

Whew! Working two weeks straight is not for the faint of heart. Near the end I was a zombie, gritting my teeth and chanting "get through, get through, think of the debt..." It worked. Bianca and I were able to knock $1,300 off our debt this month so far. You can check out the update on the NCN network here. The scrimping and sacrificing and hard-assed work paid off. I'm continuing my "not buying anything but essentials" program. It's working, big time.

Frankly I'm stunned at how much money I've pissed away over the years on stuff I didn't need. The hamper in my closet broke. Sure it was a crappy IKEA plastic thing-a-ma-jig, but instead of throwing it away and taking the time and money to buy a new one, I just fixed the thing. Two zip ties and it's as good as new.

I feel reborn. I feel like I've stepped outside a vast and powerful machine. Commercials seem louder, more obscene...The constant prodding and selling you normally gloss over when you're part of the machinery becomes abrasive and obvious. Grating. It's an ugly world out there. You're too fat, you've got too many wrinkles, your boobs are much too small and for goodness sake, do NOT STOP SHOPPING, lest the terrorists win.

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