Friday, January 5, 2007

Books begone, in Dumpster-dug envelopes

After I decided to really get serious about getting shipshape financially, I began to look around our living room, which had begun to look something like a library. There are three bookcases in here, all of them overflowing with books. I'm an unabashed bibliophile, but for cry-yi, this was getting out of hand. Is there really a need to keep books you've already read? Granted, we do keep first editions and signed copies, but the overflow of once read chick-lit and mediocre non-ficiton was too much to bear. There's money on them there shelves.

So far I've sold $100 worth of books (as well as two DVD's I received as gifts and never watched). For shipping I use padded envelopes I dig out of the Dumpster at work, so the cost of packaging is nil. After the money appears in my checking account, I use an electronic Bill Pay and throw it at the debt.

The One Month Challenge continues, with all purchases being made with a debit card. No cash, no questions. It's all in Quicken.

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