Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Bizarros Experience A DWL And Live To Tell The Tale

You ever have one of those days where everything goes splendidly? Everything seems to be filled with luck and friendship and love and great weather and it seems like things might actually be going your way, if only for a day? A day that from morning until night contains something akin to magic?

You've just had yourself a DWL, bee-yotch.

A DWL is a Day Well Lived. It means that the day you just experienced is how life could be, and should be, if you weren't in debt. Instead of spaced out every couple of weeks or months or so, there could very well be several, perhaps dozens of DWLs in a row. It's how life would be if we weren't owned by our possessions, owned by corporations - how days must have been during good periods in pretechnological times. Days piled upon days of sunshine, clean air, plenty of game, lots of sex, life lived with a certain purity of living. Life lived well.

...until winter set in. And/or a competing tribe skulked into your camp and separated your head from your neck and put it on a pole. Or raped your family while they slowly cooked you alive. Yes, good times.

Anyway, we had a DWL on Sunday. Bianca and I met with a gallery that is going to show our work, and we're both going to have our work displayed in a way that will guarantee that millions of people will see our creative efforts. Pretty good start, but that in and of itself in no way guaranteed DWL status. After all, it was only noon. The day could most certainly go downhill from there. Trust me, we've had it happen. You never say, "Hey, we might be having a DWL." Lord, no. It's unspoken. You ride it like a wave, letting its warm embrace sweep you through the hours, surfing luck and chance until it deposits you safely on the shore. If you say something, though, it's an automatic jinx and you have really f-ed up, brother. You deserve the collective hell that will rain down upon you.

So. After that bit of exciting news, we dressed up and went to the Hilton at Universal Studios for an Oscar party thrown by my Alma Mater. What a swanky sworiee - and here's where the financial part comes in - free event, free booze, free food, all night. It was amazing. I drank far too much, but no worries, because it was absorbed by the contents of my bursting stomach. Turkey, roast beef or salmon? Yes, please.

We did have to drop some tips for the bartenders, and the free valet parking of course required a tip, but it was one hell of a cheap evening.

You can't make a DWL happen. It's organic, unpredictable. But when you are in its grasp, give yourself up to it, and for God's sake keep your mouth shut. That's what we all want, really: a life filled cradle to grave with Days Well Lived. Impossible, yes. But many more DWLs exist outside of debt than within, that I know for sure.

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