Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Healthy Choices and College Bills

I didn't get the January budget posted because Basil's been too busy to put his end-of-January expenditures into Quicken. Wow, it's a lot easier blaming it on him, but I'm really not sure if I would have gotten around to it anyway. We both had 3-day weekends so we were trying to do fun, free things. As we live on the west coast and the weather was beautiful, we went on a couple of short hikes and then Monday we had free tickets a co-worker gave me to the zoo. Last year we would have gone shopping and out to lunch and been poorer and fatter all because we wanted to get out and enjoy the weather.

I just got my son's college tuition bill (it gets paid monthly) and one of his loans came through and the other is pending (he had failed to finish the paperwork last semester and mom had to pay the difference). Mom didn't want to pay more this semester, and will hopefully be getting a refund once all the grants and loans come through. I'm not sure how much it will be, but it will probably go to paying off the car. I already feel better driving it knowing that I paid $1000 towards it in the past two months.

I'm also working ounfilling out my son's FAFSA paperwork for next year's college financial aid. I thought I'd have my taxes done before it's due (March 2), but I lost a tax form from my money market fund and had to call them to send me another one. I'm going to work on the FAFSA this weekend as well as the January income/expense sheet.

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