Monday, February 19, 2007

If Britney can do it....

If Britney Spears can shave her own head, then I shouldn't have to pay big bucks to keep my curly locks manageable. Since Basil posted that he stopped getting haircuts, I thought I'd try the same. As I don't sport a buzz cut, I opted to barter with a friend who does haircuts for her family and friends. I had an extra DVD player sitting around and she happened to mention that her dad was still watching video tapes because he didn't have a DVD player. So a couple of days ago, she came over for dinner and then trimmed about 2 inches off . My hair is very curly and was fairly long, so it's pretty forgiving. Not that she gave me a bad haircut, it's just that usually you can't really tell with my hair. I've been known to cut my own bangs before work in the morning if they're behaving badly. So I saved $15-$20 -- I never went anywhere fancier than SuperCuts anyway, but every little bit helps. Next time maybe Britney can cut my hair in exchange for an old toaster.

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