Monday, February 12, 2007

Two Months In The Black? What The Hell...?

Unbelieveable. Obviously we mean business.

So here's how I was able to pay off over a grand to the credit cards:

1. Copious overtime
2. Selling property (books)
3. Getting a second "job"

If you read a lot of "get out of debt" books, you start to notice some things nearly everybody says. "Get a second job" is one suggestion I've read quite a bit. But since I hate my current job, and let's face it, finding a second job you love isn't likely to happen, I fell on my creative skills and started making things to sell on a website called This is a website for artists and craft-minded folk to sell their handmade wares on "the Intra-nets."

I started off using scraps I had around the house and started making things. Used foamboard, a drawer full of magnets, paint left over from a mural - and started making art like a squirrel with a nose full of coke. I started at the end of January (when the book sales were leveling out) and so far have made well over $200. All that money went directly to credit cards via Billpay through the bank. As soon as the cash hit my account from Paypal, it went away. Simple. No keeping any for "little emergencies" or "I need this, I deserve this" crap - just gone.

I'm doing a "debt snowball, which means I'm throwing everything at my highest interest rate card, which is currently 5.9%. I'm using art, my "second job," to chip away at the mountain. And it feels good.

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Beyond Broke said...

Well done! I'm really enjoying your blog.