Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Home Ownership Vs. Renting

There have been some fantastic blog entries on this, written by others. Seek them out.

What I'm adding, is this. When you own a home, you miss out on conversations like the following, which took place yesterday outside the door of my apartment. The players: Sal, our manager, mid 70's, distant cousin of Frank Sinatra. The other player: Hispanic Male, mid 30's, from apartment #7. Curtain up...

Sal: "You need to move your car."
Hispanic Male: "What did you say to me, old man?"
Sal: "You need to move your car. You know you can't park there."
Hispanic Male: "You disrespecting me?"
Sal: "I'm saying you need to move your car."

At this point I'm peeking through the blinds. Hispanic Male is now in Sal's "grill." I'm eating Cheetos, riveted.

Hispanic Male: "What'd you say to me, you white bitch? Put up your hands! Put up your hands!"
Sal: "I'm twice as old as you are! You want me to fight you?"
Hispanic Male: "I will kill you. I mean it. I will -- put up your hands!"
Sal (walking away): "You're crazy."
Hispanic Male: "You exist for one reason, to get me what I need. You hear me? Get me what I need, bitch!"
Sal (off screen): "You're a lunatic!"
Hispanic Male: "Bitch!"


"What A Wonderful World" plays over credits.

I tell myself I would have intervened if it would have gotten physical. But then again, I tell myself a lot of things.

Apartments=free entertainment brought right to your door.

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