Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tax Refund Came Through

Yea! Got a nice surprise when I went on-line to check out the bank account because with our rent going up and some other unexpected expenses, I was unsure if we had enough funds to cover everything. Noticed a huge amount in the checking account and found out my federal income tax refund came through. And just now when I checked to see the actual amount, I found that the state refund came through as well. That's a total of $3563. It's a lot because I only claim myself and my Number Two Son on my W-4 form, but my Number One Son recently moved across the country and is attending college near me, so I got to claim him on my taxes. I know I need to add him to my W-4 so I don't let the government use my money interest-free all year long, but my human resources person is a little scary and you have to approach her when she's in a good mood. I've already asked her once, and reminded her this past Friday. Hopefully by next week I'll get it changed which should help out with the rent increase. This refund is supposed to pay off my car, but I have a rather high credit card bill that includes my broken tooth ($374) and an airplane ticket for my Number Two Son ($279). Plus my Number Three Son is visiting on his spring break this week, so I think I'll leave a little in the checking account for "dining and entertainment". At he's 14, the dining bill could be rather high. Also the state refund is "pending", so I can't really spend it yet. I'll check into how much I actually owe on the car and post after I make a payment.

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