Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Credit Card Companies Are Dog Poop Predatory Bastards

Here's an article about the recent Senate hearing on credit card practices (I also heard a story on it on NPR this afternoon - listen to it here). I'll break it down for you: credit card companies are insanely predatory and are out not to provide a service but to rip from your hands as much money as legally possible. Wait, wait, that was too long. How about: credit card companies would have to rise several levels to equal the dog poop I stepped in this morning.

Okay, the last one wasn't a breakdown of the article. It's just the truth.

The article is worth checking out to read about a top Chase Bank executive apologizing to a man who repaid twice the amount of a $3200 credit card bill because of interest and fees. Wonder if the executive would have done that had he not been in front of a panel of Senators.

Like I said, dog poop predatory bastards.

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