Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Oh, Discover Gold, How I Loathe Thee

Due to my craft-tastic sales of my second job, I'm really snowballing the bejeezus out of my Discover Gold card. Now, since credit cards exist as a "helpful financial tool" for the consumer and not as "vicious, greed-filled legal loan-sharking tools," you would think Discover would be happy for me and kindly not interfere with paying off my financial obligation to their company.

But nooooooooo.

Since I've started the intense snowballing of this card (snowballing meaning paying everything extra I can manage toward the highest interest rate card), I've been receiving packets of checks from my Discover Gold card. You know the kind, the first one always made out to you in the sum of $1,000 and a letter such as: "Mr. Bizarro, please use these handy checks to take that vacation you've always dreamed of and deserve but couldn't afford!" Well, if I have to use these checks with a 31% interest rate, I can't afford it, now can I?

But I digress. I have two Discover cards, both with balances. Now why aren't I receiving these dangling carrot checks from my other card, the one I'm not snowballing? Hmmm. My shredder loves those check packets. Loves them.

This kind of behavior is bulls--t, plain and simple. Here's hoping Congress gets on these rat bastards. I wonder why hearings weren't held during the Republican-led Congress? Is it because Providian was President Bush's biggest contributor?

There are some pretty serious and malicious machinations moving against us, the consumers, and I for one have just about had it.

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