Monday, March 19, 2007

February Income and Expenses

I balanced the checkbook this past weekend, so was able to do February's expenses.

Our February budget ended up in the red due mostly to $1500 less salary income. We actually had less expenditures, but not enough to break even. Basil didn't have the overtime that he had in January, so we'll have to take that into account since we're now coming into the slow season for both our jobs.
Much stayed the same. We had higher art supplies and expenses, but also had quite a bit of art income. Our gasoline was down $50 because we've been staying home more on the weekends.
Basil paid $807.60 toward the credit cards, which was lower than last month, but about $100 more than he was paying last year.
Unfortunately, our weakness showed up again in the dining out category - $273! That's twice what we spent last month! I'm afraid we've fallen off the wagon on that one, but we're trying harder this month, though with Basil's birthday, we did go out to celebrate a bit.
The College Expenses were incurred when we took Number One Son to Target to restock supplies. The Education expense was a photo lab fee for Number Two Son.
Gifts Given: Valentine's day and a nephew's birthday, plus a gift card for Number One son for during midterms.
Groceries were up by $150. Not exactly sure why. Basil did stock up on bottled water which we're still drinking mid-March.
Health Insurance was higher this month because one son's I pay monthly and the other I'm billed bi-monthly. Not sure why since it's the same insurance company.
Misc.: This is up and included gloves and a knife for work for Basil which came to $58.
The shipping refund was an internet sale Basil made, but accidentally sent to the incorrect address, so he refunded the shipping.
The electric bill was for two months which is about the same as the last bill.
Tax Preparation: Basil paid to have his taxes done, but I didn't get all my forms, so my bill will be on next month's budget.
The overall picture doesn't look so good, but we're hoping to get back on track. March could be pretty shaky as well as both Basil and I have been doing big projects outside of work that have been taking all our time. And when we're under stress, we tend to eat out. We still have time to correct that, though my Number Three Son is coming in for his spring break this weekend so I'm sure I'll be spending money. Our rent is being raised $100 a month, too, so I think the credit card may not have as big a payment next month. Once I get my income tax return money, I can pay off my car and we'll have that extra money to cover the rent increase.


Luke said...

Where on the sheet do you have monies alloted for retirement or savings?

Did I miss them?

Bianca Bizarro said...

No, you didn't miss them. Right now we're not contributing anything to retirement or savings. We have an emergency savings account with $3400 in it and I have and IRA and a 401(k), but didn't have time to work them into the equation. As soon as my car is paid off, I'll start bulking up the savings and hopefully have some left over for the IRA as well.