Monday, June 11, 2007

We've Had A Little Work Done...

...compliments of Bianca. I simply paced around behind her and "art directed." The experience of working together went so well I ended up sleeping on the couch.

In other news, we're off into the heart of the city to obtain registration for the new car, and to get me a haircut, my first since the beginning of January. I'm caving because I look like a Monchichi, and if my mom's going to be crying I want it to be because she hasn't seen me in years, not because of my hair.


ladydoughgirl said...

Basil and Bianca,
I like the new look....but I have a question. I feel a bit idiotic asking this...but are those photos of you and Bianca? I'm guessing that perhaps they are photos of famous actors that I don't know because I basically live under a rock.

Basil Bizarro said...

I WISH I looked as good as that guy. No, these were just a couple of folks we chose to represent our online existence.

I am considering a pageboy wig. And Bianca could in theory knit a hat as wonderful as that.

In a sense, they are more us than we are. Okay, now I'm rambling.