Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid!

Some dumb mistakes lately cost me $73. The first mistake happened less than an hour after I had picked my parents up at the airport. Having promised them the glory of In-N-Out Burger, I took them to the nearest one, only to find the parking lot jam packed. I grabbed some bare, unpainted curb on the street and we went in and enjoyed our lunch.

On our way out I noticed a guy writing a ticket for our car. Then I noticed the fire hydrant, the bright yellow one I failed to notice on my way in to the restaurant. "You're not fifteen feet away from this fire hydrant," he said. And he was right. Where we used to live, all curbs by fire hydrants were painted. Not here. Just a dumb mistake. I took the ticket and pushed down the frothing fountain of bile-tinged rage that was flowing up from my gut.

The second mistake came in the mail, in the form of a letter from the library. Apparently I had kept a pile of reference books for my Crafty Side Business a bit too long, to the tune of $28. Insanity. A $3 fine used to send me into a wide-eyed hate bender, culminating with me pounding my forehead with the heels of my hands and actually screaming "Grrrrrrrrrr!"

I accepted both of these mistakes calmly and with maturity. They were my mistakes, my responsibility.

Stupid dumb asshole police and library. I mean, how dare they?


~Dawn said...

Forgiveness does wonders for stopping the pain you feel from kicking your own arse.

You aren't the only to make stupid makes, I had to eat a burger topped with the seasoning of a ticket as well.

noma said...

Ouch, do I feel for you on this one. Parking tickets are the worst!

Allison said...

All I want is for you to put 13 more dollars toward your credit card debt already. Break on through 15k, it's making me nuts.

Basil Bizarro said...

Dawn - Ticket-flavored burgers are the worst. I prefer ketchup and grilled onions. Or, if I'm going to spend $50 on a burger, I'll get Kobe beef.

Noma - My first ticket in years. I had to play it cool in front of my folks, you know, like money's no object and usually I just throw tickets on the ground, but, you know, I'm gonna just put this one in my pocket. No big whoop. (I don't think they bought it)

Allison - LOL! I know. I gotta push on through to the other side. You motivated me! I'm doing it tonight.