Friday, June 8, 2007

I Bought a Car!

Last night I drove the car we'd looked at yesterday. The interior was great and it drove well. The A/C and stereo even worked. Yes, the key was stuck, but you could actually take the entire cylinder out, and I think we'll have that looked at to see how much it would cost to fix. Also, the spare tire needs replacing, but he took $100 off the price. Being a research junkie, I checked out the Kelly Blue Book value and even with all the miles, it was a good deal. Plus, my boss had helped his nephew buy a car a couple of years ago and it was an '87 Camry with the same number of miles, and he's still driving it and has had no problems. Of course, now I feel like I should be cutting back on spending even more, even though I have the cash in the emergency fund. It doesn't help that I went to the dentist yesterday for yet another crown, paid my $178 outstanding bill (which doesn't include the crown), and have yet another crown due in my future. (My teeth that have 20-year-old silver fillings in them are now cracking in half. Ugh!)
On the plus side, I called Number One Son to tell him the good news and he said congratulations. I told him it wasn't for me, but for him. He was silent for a few seconds and then profusive with his thanks. Now he wants us to send photos (he's away for the summer).
So even though we were going to wait to buy him the car, I feel like we found a good deal and we'll be paying cash for it tonight. I told Basil he could drive it this summer on the 95+ degrees because he's doesn't have air conditioning. He said that maybe he'd keep it and give the boy his car that has no a/c, not much of a radio and the right-side passenger window that doesn't roll down. I told him he'd have to check with the boy.

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FrugalBabe said...

Hooray for cars you can buy with cash!! And what a lucky son you have :)
My husband's window doesn't work either. It'll go down, but then it takes 30 minutes to go back up. Not a good thing to discover when you're in line for the carwash.