Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Rollercoaster of a Weekend

Basil did most of the recent posting because I went for a girls "Sideways" weekend with my friend and 12 of her closest friends for her 40th birthday. It was a pretty inexpensive weekend because I carpooled the two hour drive with two other girls so gas was $10, and all 12 of us shared 4 hotel rooms. The whole weekend I used cash and spent $115, which included two meals, hotel room ($39) and wine tasting ($17), among miscellaneous other expenditures. The one hiccup was that I found my camera didn't work on the first day. Ugh! I thought I had just charged it, so in the back of my mind I kept thinking it was broken and I was going to have to replace it. Got home, plugged it into the charger, and it worked. What a relief!

Then Sunday evening I couldn't find my glasses. I'm probably legally blind without them (I wear contacts during the day, and only need the glasses for early a.m. and late p.m.) and I knew I'd last had them that morning in the hotel room. I always do a sweep of the room to see if we missed anything, but hadn't since it was only me and I thought I couldn't possibly leave anything behind. After fuming and searching everywhere for two days (and calling the hotel), I had pretty much falling into a funk thinking about shelling out money for new glasses on top of the car purchase, the glasses for my son and the unending dental work on my rotten teeth. This morning I awoke, walked over to my art table, picked up a stack of boxes and books (that Basil had cleared off his art table), and right there were my glasses in their case. Luckily they were next to another book, otherwise they would have been flattened. I was so happy that I made Basil open his eyes (an hour before his alarm goes off) and look at me so he could see I was wearing them. I had made him crazy yesterday with my moping about.

So today everything's great again (even though we found out yesterday that the Cressida needs four new tires), and I am once again annoying Basil with my unending cheerfulness.


ladydoughgirl said...

Hi Bianca,
I'm so impressed you were able go away and only spend $115. Good for you. A girls' weekend away is always such a treat. Good you found the glasses too. Whew.

FrugalBabe said...

Isn't it the greatest feeling to find something that you're sure you've lost? My husband went through a similar day (or two) of me moping around when I was sure I'd lost my sunglasses. My sister won them in a bike race, so they were free, but they're sweet glasses, and worth about $100. When I found them a couple days later, I was ready to dance a jig.

And great job on your super low-budget girls weekend! I just had one where I spent twice that much and thought I had done well! You've set the bar a little higher for me :)