Monday, June 4, 2007

Strange, Tingling Sensation

I've somehow managed to save around $400 over the last month. The last time I saved this much money Bill Clinton was in office.


The reason for the savings push is that my parents are flying in for a few days in a week and a half. So instead of putting everything on a credit card during that time, I simply kept money made from my sales on sitting in my Paypal account, and did not use any of it to pay down debt. To obtain this money, Paypal enacts a four day waiting period before it transfers it to my bank account. So it's nicely out of reach.

The debt war lulls a bit, but I'm feeling good knowing I have money to spend when the peeps are in town and I don't have to keep taking them "people watching" in the park and serving them fabulous dinners of balogna and cheese sandwiches. As soon as I get their asses back on the plane though, the war resumes. I'm losing the taste of debt blood, and let me tell you something: I'm gettin' thirsty.

New debt total is: $15,012.34


Anonymous said...

Can we see your artwork on etsy?

Basil Bizarro said...

sure - here's the link -

db said...

those are pretty cool Basil!!

OK, I really need to get off my posterior and start getting some of my flowers, etc. out there onto etsy.