Sunday, July 15, 2007

I Used a Reusable Bag!

I did it! It was truly a bizarro moment for me! I used a Trader Joe's reusable shopping bag at a competitive grocery store! I felt a little weird, but she filled it up, no questions asked. Of course, one item didn't fit, so she had to use a whole bag for it. I think I've crossed a line today that I was afraid to cross before. Now if I can only remember to take them in before I'm wheeling the groceries through the parking lot to my car.


ladydoughgirl said...

congratulations! i use my re-usable trader joe's bags for everything. i often forget to take them to the market but they make good bags to schlep crap around in (beach bag, portable filing cabinet) etc. when i remember to actually bring them to TJs I always feel so happy. especially since our TJs gives people a raffle ticket everytime they bring reusable bags. i think if i were to win the raffle i'd get $25 of free groceries. haven't won yet.

Bianca Bizarro said...

We won the $25 free grocery raffle once, so we really remember to take them in TJs, but I'm trying to get into the habit of taking them everywhere.

Allison said...

Those bags hold a lot more junk and don't break. It's a habit I REALLY want to get into.

You won the TJs raffle? Cool!

egbert said...

that's awesome.
we have several types of reusable bags and keep some by the door and a couple in the car. it helps us to remember to take them.

so someone really does win the raffle at tj's!

Katy said...

did you remember to tell the "real grocery store" clerk that you are supposed to get a few cents off per bag for reusing? they are supposed to give you like 3 cents per bag. it can add up over a long period of time. they always look at you weird, but they give you the credit.