Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Basil's Intervention

Sorry, I've been out of commission for a while, but Basil was using both computers for his crafty side business this weekend and I worked late yesterday. I thought I'd better interject before people become too depressed and think Basil's going off the deep end. Basil says his brother is "more successful" than he is, but he's basing success on what capitalism, advertising and our society deems "successful".
Yes, his brother makes a lot of money, but he's 30 years old and I've given up learning the names of the latest girlfriend because I know it'll change before I even get the chance to meet her. He parties every weekend, which Basil and I have long outgrown (not that we don't like partying with friends, but going to bars has never been a weekly activity for us). Yes, he's buying a house, but he's never camped on a beach at Catalina Island, hiked the Rockies, or seen dolphins chasing a whale-watching boat. He hasn't moved across the country and when it's 0 degrees out in Chicago, we're running errands in t-shirts and jeans. He hasn't helped raise three wonderful boys, who are smart, funny, creative and just fun to hang out with. His brother may seem successful to the outside world, but he's going it alone, not letting anyone get too close to him. Basil throws himself into the world and new experiences. He's smart, creative, generous and has a fiancee´ and family who love and support him. And you can't buy that down at the Wal-Mart.


FrugalBabe said...

That's beautiful, Bianca. Basil is a lucky guy, and you two are perfect for each other. This post perfectly sums up what's really important in life.

yenna42 said...

My husband and I have concluded that you two are our Dopplegangers. It's a wonderful moment when you stop measuring success by the life you have paid for, and start measuring it by the life you made.

ladydoughgirl said...

Always good to get perspective. I can understand getting down about financial issues and comparing ourselves to others. However, in the big scheme of things this isn't what makes our lives successful or not. So important to realize that there is so much more to live than what our debts or assets equal out to...One of my best friends died of cancer a few years ago and you would have never known she was sick based on how she lived her life. She was (and still is) such an inspiration to me. She truly savored all that life had to offer her....This is a real gift even when one doesnt' have a disease (or debt). All the more remarkable considering all that she had to face. Anyways, hang in there with the goals but make sure you take time to savor all that you have (I need to take my own advice).